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Where to Go for a Business Loan with Bad Credit in Adelaide

The good news is that there are lenders out there that will understand your plight. While big banks care almost exclusively about their bottom line, it is possible to find less traditional lenders willing to take chances on ‘riskier’ clients. If you need a business loan with bad credit in Adelaide, look to Adelaide Home Loans for this type of non-conforming lending experience.

Though ‘home loans’ are represented in our brand names, we also take on several other types of financing, including business loans. While the asset is different, the basic concept is the same. Clients come to us because they have been turned away by traditional lenders and need a Plan B.

We don’t ignore poor credit, nor do we give loans to just anyone. What we do is look at more data than just credit history. Your credit record tells a story, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Credit history is, by definition, historical data. It doesn’t represent the now, and it can’t predict the future. These points are especially true in the realm of business, where someone’s personal credit is often secondary to other factors. Indeed, your time in business, your annual revenue figures and your accounts receivable tell a lot more about your company’s financial story than your credit history does.

At Adelaide Home Loans, our promise to you is that we will look at the data that matters—all of it—rather than rejecting you outright due to a few credit snafus. We can’t promise you a loan for your business, but we can promise fair consideration that you are unlikely to get from big banks or traditional lenders.