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When Does Your Business Need a Short Term Business Loan and Where Can You Find Them in Adelaide?

Perhaps your business just got hit with an unexpected expense, or maybe you have a limited time business opportunity that you need extra funds to finance. Maybe your company needs a new piece of equipment that you don’t have the capital to purchase right now. Perhaps you need inventory for the holiday season, but cash flow has been a little bit slow for the past few months.

If any of these scenarios describe your business, then a short term business loan might be the ideal option for you. At Adelaide Home Loans, we frequently help companies with short term business finance in Australia.

How Short Term Business Loans Work

Before you pursue a short term business loan in Australia, you probably want to know exactly how short term business loans work. Specifically, what differentiates them from other types of business financing?

On a basic level, short term business loans work in much the same way as traditional business loans. You work with a lender to secure financing, which you can then use to supplement cash flow, handle expenses or make key purchases. You then pay the loan back with interest over time.

The difference with short term loans is that the repayment happens a lot faster. Instead of paying back the financing with monthly payments over a longer period, you typically would pay back a short term loan with daily or monthly payments. In some cases, you might pay the loan back as quickly as three months. Even the longest short term loans are usually paid off after a year and a half.

Short term business loans are terrific for handling specific expenses, or just for stimulating your company’s cash flow to get you through slow parts of the year. Not only is repayment quick, but approval and disbursement of funds are usually fast, too. In other words, if your business needs cash now, applying for short term business finance in Adelaide is probably a good way to go.

Where to Apply for Short Term Business Loans in Adelaide

If you need a short term business loan in Adelaide, Adelaide Home Loans can help.

Particularly if you have a bad credit issue that has led banks or other traditional lenders to deny your loan applications, we can be a terrific alternative. We are a non-conforming lender, which means we don’t have the same rigid criteria or expectations as other lenders. Of course, we still have standards that our clients need to meet regarding time in business, revenue and more. However, we are much less likely to turn away a loan applicant because of poor credit.

This facet of our business has made us a popular source for home loans and personal loans in Adelaide. It also extends to short term business finance in Australia. When you need cash now, you don’t have time to deal with denied applications. You need the lender that is most likely to help you, and at Adelaide Home Loans, we are that lender.

If you are interested in learning more about our short term business loans in Adelaide, give us a call on 1300 926 922.